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Southern California has tons of Butterflies right now!

About one billion small butterflies, known as Painted Ladies, are flying to the Pacific Northwest to breed and lay eggs  from the Sonoran Deserts of Mexico. The abundance of rain has caused the invasion into inland sections of Southern California. Tom Merriman, Director at Butterfly Farms in Encinitas, says conditions have been perfect for the species….

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Tiny West African Dwarf Crocodiles Hatch at San Diego Zoo

This morning (Monday, Nov. 6, 2017), eight West African dwarf crocodiles began to hatch from eggs at the San Diego Zoo’s Reptile House—the first hatching of its kind in the Zoo’s 101-year history. Three baby crocs successfully hatched on their own, keepers assisted a fourth one in hatching, and more were expected to emerge from…

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Greater One-Horned Rhino Calf

Greater One-Horned Rhino Calf Makes His Debut at San Diego Zoo Safari Park Youngster Discovers Rocks, Grass, Mud Wallows and Other Animals A 10-week-old greater one-horned rhino calf made his debut at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park today (Jan. 18, 2017), curiously exploring his new habitat while never venturing more than a few feet…

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June Bugs

June Bugs  Bichos de Junio MASON: What is a June bug? ¿Qué es un bicho de Junio? MADISON: June bugs are actually beetles in the scarab family. Bichos de junio en realidad son coleópteros de la familia de escarabajo. MILA: They are nocturnal insects, nocturnal means they are active at night time.   Son insectos…

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Circus Vargas Presents iLUMINOUS

CIRCUS VARGAS PRESENTS iLUMINOUS, A NEW SPECTACULAR THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK   The multi-generation, family-operated Circus Vargas presents iLUMINOUS, a new, high-energy, extravaganza that illuminates the wonder and imagination of every child at heart. Boasting death-defying stuntmen, flying aerialists, exhilarating acrobats, and uproarious comics under a music filled, blue and yellow Big Top, Circus…

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MASON: There are about 300 known species of octopus. Octopuses are mollusks which are part of the same family as clams, oysters, and snails. Octopuses vary in size as well as appearance and are boneless creatures. Hay alrededor de 300 especies conocidas de pulpos. Los pulpos son moluscos que son parte de la misma familia…

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  MASON: The scientific name for the common hippo is Hippopotamus amphibious.   The name Hippopotamus means river horse.  Did you know that a male hippopotamus is called a bull and a female hippo is called a cow?  El nombre científico de la hipopótamo común es anfibio Hippopotamus. El Hippopotamus nombre significa caballo de río. ¿Sabía…

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