MASON: Asparagus season is quickly approaching, so it is a good time to consider this tender and succulent member of the lily family.

MADISON: Asparagus is a spring vegetable.

MILA: California grows about 80% of all the asparagus grown in the United States. Asparagus plants are perennial, which means the same plants grow in your garden year after year and a well cared for asparagus bed will produce for about 20 years without being replanted.

MASON: Asparagus grows in long tall stalks. Under ideal conditions, an asparagus spear can grow 10″ in a 24-hour period. It prefers full sun as in order to minimize disease.

MADISON: Asparagus plants are dioecious they’re either male or female. The female plants develop more spears or stems than the male plants, but the male plants have large, long flowers, and the females have smaller flowers.

MASON: Asparagus is sometimes very thin or can be as thick as your finger. There are three different kinds of asparagus: green, white and purple!

MADISON: Green asparagus has color because of a process called ‘photosynthesis.’ This is when sunlight produces chlorophyll in plants and makes them GREEN.

MASON: White asparagus is grown underground and because it never sees sunlight, it does not go through ‘photosynthesis’ and never turns green.

MASON: You can eat all of the asparagus except for the very bottom of the stalks, which tend to be too tough and chewy.

MADISON: Asparagus is a nutrient-dense food which in high in folic acid and is a good source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C, and thiamin. Asparagus has no fat, contains no cholesterol and is low in sodium.

MILA: Did you know? Asparagus can take the pain out of a bee sting – just crush it up and apply to the area around the sting. For over 2000 years people believed asparagus had medicinal properties. It was used as a laxative, to improve eyesight and also to ease toothache.
MILA: Why does asparagus make urine smell funny? Our bodies convert asparagusic acid into sulfur-containing chemicals that stink, but some of us are spared from the pungent odor.

Natalia Winter

Natalia Winter

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