MASON: It’s school time again! Are you feeling excited?

MADISON: For some kids, this is your first time attending school and you might feel a little nervous or a little scared and that’s ok.

MASON: I’m excited for all of the new things: new backpacks, new uniforms, new teachers, new friends, and new information.

MADISON: I like the first day of school because we get to meet our new teacher and our new classmates.

MASON: I enjoy telling my classmates what I did over the summer and sharing something about myself to the rest of the class.

MADISON: I like learning about the classroom rules and setting goals for the school year.

MASON: I’m ready to learn and to do homework!

MADISON: Give yourself some time to adjust and get ready for school.

MASON: Start to establish a bedtime routine before the first day of school so it isn’t so hard that very first day. Don’t forget to set your alarm clock.

MADISON: Have your clothes ready the night before so that you are not rushing in the morning.

MASON: Make lunches the night before and make sure to eat a good breakfast it’s crucial for learning.

MADISON: Leave for school with plenty of time in the morning so that you’re not worried about being late.

MILA: Having a POSITIVE attitude can reduce the first day jitters of going back to school.

From Craig Jarrow TMN: The Power of Positivity

Your attitude determines most of what you experience each day. Be someone who others want to be with, because you lift their energy, attitude, and spirit. Be someone who you would want to be around. Choose to have a positive attitude. Today, choose to be excellent!

Question: What does a positive attitude mean to you?

Natalia Winter

Natalia Winter

Natalia Winter, the founder of Mason and Madison's Corner is dedicated to providing fun, educational, exciting topics and experiences for the entire family to enjoy together. This website originated when her children Mason and Madison began asking to participate in events that were non-traditional kids activities. Natalia documented and shared her families adventures and thus Mason and Madison's Corner was born.

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