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Michael’s invites you to join them  in their store classrooms on an imaginary seven-week road trip from the beach to the county fair and beyond, with fun kids’ crafts at each stop. Get a stamp for each stop on your passport card and choose a special prize after 5 stamps! Plus, You’ll have time at the end of session to doodle, play and create with the products from that week’s sponsor.

Summer crafting for kids ages 3 & up. Starting 6/13, Michaels stores will host kids craft sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 10am – noon. For only $5 per session (or $12 for 3 sessions when you sign up in store), your children will learn to craft projects inspired by dinosaurs, the solar system and animals from around the world. The best part? You get to shop uninterrupted, while they craft!



Craft Schedule

Week 1: Land of the Dinosaurs
June 13, 15 & 17
T-Rex, pterodactyls and fossils, oh my! Join us on a Jurassic journey with faux fossils, a dinosaur visor & more!

Week 2: Under the Sea
June 20, 22 & 24
Set sail with us! This week, we’re making craft stick mermaids, paper jellyfish and more marine fun.

Week 3: Life on Pluto
June 27, 29 & July 1
Ready for blast-off? Travel to outer space with Crayola® Model Magic® aliens, UFO-making, painting planets and more!

Week 4: Castles and Princesses
July 4, 6 & 8
Little lords and ladies will love this week! We’re creating fantastic felt kings and queens, a castle book and lots of dragons!

Week 5: Pet City
July 11, 13 & 15
We’re celebrating furry friends this week with crafts like pet puzzles, fish tic-tac-toe and imaginary animals.

Week 6: Woodland Forest
July 18, 20 & 22
Take a walk through the wilderness. Join us to create critter masks, make cute cardboard owls, design an enchanted forest and more!

Week 7 : All About Me
July 25, 27 & 29
The last week is a celebration of your little maker. We’re creating personalized crazy hats, family trees and portraits.


Sign up at  http://www.michaels.com/passport-to-imagination/pti  or at your local store.

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